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2023 Official Selections

Feature Films

1660 VINE

1660 Vine Poster Billing Block.jpg

Screening on: Sunday, May 7th - 8:40pm

Musical / USA / 135 min.


This high-energy movie musical follows a group of influencers as they take up residence in a famed Hollywood apartment building to pursue their dreams of social media stardom. The diverse characters of 1660 Vine confront questions of fame, influence, identity, and mental health. All the while, the residents update their followers through vlogs, gaming streams, makeup tutorials, TikTok dances, songs and pranks, as they discover the difference between what is authentic and what is not. 


Director: Patricia McGregor

Producers: Kevin Surace, Michael Jackowitz, Jonathan Prince

Screenplay: Jackson Prince

Original songs: Emma Ashford, CJ Cruz, Jenna Clayborn, Clayton Delp, Jaxson Floberg, Will Francis, Sam Jackson, Jackson Prince, and Simon White

Choreography: Paula Abdul


Cast: Khemuni Norodom, Maya Lagerstam, Chris Olsen, Brianna Rose Gentilella, Malachi Durant, Pia Toscano, CJ Cruz, Jaiden Klein, Cheryl Porter, Sam Haft, Lisa Loeb.

Break Glass

BreakGlassPoster copy.jpg

Screening on: Monday, May 8th - 8:50pm

Comedy/Drama / USA / 111 min.


Ryan Nichols has found himself living in his childhood bedroom, 6 days from his ex-wife's wedding and 7 days from his suicide. Resigned to his situation, Ryan anxiously awaits the end of the week, and his life, until his brother Trevor is summoned home and introduces him to a self-help cult that sends them on a road trip to repair the mistakes of his past to ultimately fix his future...but a ghost from his history, Sarah Gordon, has other plans.


Director: Jay Leonard

Producers: Shawn Barnes, Suzanna Bornn

Writer: Jay Leonard


Cast: Ricky DeRosa, Suzanna Bornn, Jeff Raiano

Dying to Sleep


Screening on: Wednesday, May 10th - 9:15pm

Drama, Psychological Thriller, Mystery / USA / 94 min.

Terrifying nightmares, a broken family, and a mysterious
Holistic Doctor, haunt Mary as she searches for the strength
to find forgiveness amongst dark, unforgivable betrayals.


Director: Paris Dylan

Producers: SarahLydia Sophia, Paris Dylan, Mike Hermosa
Writers: Paris Dylan, Patch Moore


Cast: SarahLydia Sophia, Eric Roberts, Victoria Baldesarra, Dar
Dixon, Dave Sheridan, Jataun Gilbert, Maria Pinsent, Paris Dylan,
Roy Abramsohn, Alex Keever


Hell Hath No Fury


Screening on: Saturday, May 6th - 6:40pm

Dark Comedy / USA / 70 min

A husband and a wife separately and unknowingly plot to murder each other on the same fateful night.

Director: Zachary Burns
Producers: Zachary Burns, Vinnie Hogan, Jacob Leighton Burns
Writer: Jacob Leighton Burns


Cast: Leah N.H. Philpott, Jacob Ryan Snovel, Clinton Joseph


Not for Nothing


Screening on: Saturday, May 6th - 8:40pm

Crime Thriller / USA / 97 min.

After his girlfriend turns up dead under mysterious circumstances, her boyfriend searches for answers with the aid of his fellow South Philly barflys only to ignite a dangerous street war with a volatile drug dealer.

Director: Tim Dowlin, Frank Tartaglia
Producers: Peter D. Pelullo, Brandon E. Brooks, Michael Regalbuto, William Ostroff, John DeStefano Jr., Mike Brillstein, Frank Tartaglia, Tim Dowlin
Writer: Tim Dowlin, Frank Tartaglia


Cast: Mark Webber, Mike Bash, Lauren LaVera, Peter Patrikios, Michael Gambino, Michael McFadden, Danny Donnelly, Carmine Yusko, Nick Lanciano, Vic Dibitetto, Natalie Stone, Al Sapienza


Roseland: The Ballad of Bob Levine 


Screening on: Sunday, May 7th - 6:40pm

Documentary / USA / 80 min.


Bob Levine has been entertaining the community of Cherry Grove as his alter ego "Rose" for over 50 years and he is still going strong.


Director: Parker Sargent

Producers: The Cherry Grove Archives Collection


Cast: Bob “Rose” Levine, Michael Fitzgerald III, David “Davida” Gilleo, Thom “Panzi” Hansen, Lyn Hutton, Richie Mastascusa, Mark York


Tale of the American Dream

2x3 Rebel Monkey.jpg

Screening on: Thursday, May 11th - 5pm

The film is a powerful exploration of the immigrant experience in the United States. It highlights the many challenges and obstacles that immigrants face, but it also shows the resilience and determination that drives them to succeed.

Directed by: Stanislav Puzdriak


The Seasons - four love stories

seasons poster final.jpg

Screening on: Tuesday, May 9th - 9pm

Drama / USA / 82 minutes


Over the course of a year, four sets of intertwined characters are faced with turning points in their romantic lives. Each chapter takes place in a different season, with the central characters in each season being age-appropriate, thus: Summer, young adults, Autumn, middle aged, Winter, elderly, and Spring, a ten year old girl.


Cast: Mike Keller, Aynsleigh Weller-Haines, Katya Preiser, Margo Sappington, Anna Holbrook, Brian Hotaling, Kathleen Simmonds, Joan Porter, Ed Setrakian, Amelia Rose Allen, Bryce Edwards, Keira Lassor, Anthony Cipolla, Jaden Pace, Judy Jerome, Shanti Wimmer.


Tom and Luce


Screening on: Friday, May 5th - 8:40pm

Drama / France / 62 minutes


A couple in crisis is about to renovate an apartment. The state of the walls is like the state of their relationship.



Tomorrow Poster.jpg

Screening on: Sunday, May 7th - 2:45pm

Drama & Fantasy / USA / 82 min.


A bright young girl struggles to find her way home when she starts inexplicably waking up in a different body every day.


Director: Kellen Gibbs

Producers: Donald Nguyen

Writer: Kellen Gibbs


Cast: Charity Rose, Julia Parker, Richard Neil, Zachary Ray Sherman, Jordan Knapp, Diego Medellin, Kally Khorshid, Arthur Roberts, Tessa Espinola, Anna Telfer, Jane Edwina Seymour, Mason Marcus Burrell, Bianca Lemaire, Brandon Knabe

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