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2023 Official Selections

Short Films / Pilots

Celebrating great independent filmmaking of all genres in both feature and short lengths, the North Hollywood CineFest film festival is an event you won’t want to miss. 


The North Hollywood CineFest film festival takes place every year in the NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles. The event has become known as the premiere event for global independent cinema. A state-of-the-art experience is combined with a vibrant local social scene to create a festival that everyone will enjoy. 



Horror / USA / 8 min.


When Samantha's struggle with loneliness and isolation brings the return of a haunting presence from her childhood, she is forced to question what is real and what isn't. 

Director: Manuel Baeza

Producers: Anjini Taneja Azhar

Writer: Manuel Baeza


Cast: Cailyn Rice, Mary Carrig, Matanya Bar-Shalom

A Little Help Still 8.jpeg


Comedy / USA / 7 min.

A determined robot pines for a glass of ice cold lemonade in this
quirky comedy.


Director: Christine Celozzi
Producers: Sean Carmichael, Jaelle Menard, Alexander Gauthier
Writer: Christine Celozzi


Cast: Christine Celozzi, Maryann Williams, Emma Leahy



Drama / USA / 12:20 min.

A new mother struggles with the overwhelming task of trusting
herself in raising her young son. She finds new strength in the
connection with her husband and his gifting her with one last
letter from the mother she lost at a young age.
Director: Marilyn Ghigliotti
Producers: Marilyn Ghigliotti, Brynn Lucas, Shelby Lee, Johnny
Rey Diaz, Brian Shakti, Aaron Arnold, Austin Arnold, Michael

Writer: Shelby Lee


Cast: Shelby Lee, Brynn Lucas, Chris Moss, Kuali’i Wittman



Documentary Short / USA / 28 min

A PERFECT LOVE is a true life, inspirational short documentary about one family's dream to adopt a child with special needs from China. Eight years and six children with special needs later, the family copes with the everyday struggles of bringing two worlds and cultures together to form an everlasting bond with love as the tie that binds them to one another.


Director: Kyle Saylors

Producers: Kevin-Foster, Kim Holland, Steven Shen



Comedy / USA & Sweden / 14 min.
When four new friends unexpectedly have to share a hotel room in Reno, uptight Annie finds herself in an awkward situation and must find a solution before her new crush notices.

Director: Chelsea Gonzalez
Producers: Cornelia Hanes, Emily Katter
Writer: Cornelia Hanes


Cast: Cornelia Hanes, Chiyumba Ossome, Matthew Morley Daniel, Scott Alda Coffey, George Ketsios

Baby Gay_Still 3.png


Comedy / USA / 9 min.

When a closeted 30-year-old gets dumped by his first “boyfriend” for not being gay enough, he journeys to master his gayness with the help of an outdated self-help book, until confronted by the straight life he left behind.

Director: Megan Chumbley
Producers: PJ Brescia, Vanessa Leigh, Fabrizio Alliata , Megan Chumbley, Tom Gault
Writers: PJ Brescia, Vanessa Leigh


Cast: PJ Brescia, Quincy Cho, Casey James

Capture7 - Bernard Still.JPG


Comedy / USA / 9:13 min.


After the sudden death of a tenant, an inept L.A. property manager accidentally creates a competition by scheduling two couples to view the newly-available apartment at the same time, while his cleaning lady frantically tries to wipe away evidence of the dead body.


Director: Andrea Lwin

Producers: Andrea Lwin, Jeff Marchelletta, Francesca O’Hern

Writer: Andrea Lwin


Cast: David S. Jung, Elaine Kao, Jeff Marchelletta, Jonathan Ohye, Charles Kim, Andrea Lwin, Rita Rani Ahuja

Screenshot 2.png


Horror Drama / USA / 30 min.

A young woman experiences dissociative “blank-out” moments. As they grow more frequent, they threaten her relationship and her life.


Director: Avishai Weinberger
Producer: Emmet Dotan
Writers: Avishai Weinberger & Tova Umetuka


Cast: Tova Umetuka, Nayib Felix, Quentin Thomson



Cathartic Realism Romance / USA / 9:50 min.

A couple copes with loss through love, as a young man tries to support his girlfriend after having a miscarriage during COVID.


Director: Claire Chubbuck
Producers: Jamie Hagan, Claire Chubbuck
Writer: Andrew McIntyre


Cast: Andrew McIntyre, Sofia D’Marco

Canned 2.png


Comedy / USA / 30 min.


An unhinged vocal coach and his dysfunctional staff struggle to keep the dying art of canned laughter alive.


Director: Steve Melone

Producers: Justin Guerrieri, Steve Melone, Michael DiGioia, Anthony Echo

Writers: Steve Melone, Anthony Echo


Cast: Philip Casale, Sophia Lucia Parola, Brandon Patterson, Marcie Webber, Joe Harkins



Horror / USA / 5 min.

A graduate student interviews a young volunteer caregiver for his class project, but something isn’t
quite right.


Director: Rafael De Leon Jr.
Producer: Rafael De Leon Jr.
Writer: Rafael De Leon Jr.


Cast: Tara Rose Schreiber, Leo DeFriend, Bryce Craver

Carol&Janet poster copy.png


Comedy/USA/10 min.

Two coworkers (who are also best friends) goof off and flirt with a
delivery man to pass the time at their warehouse day job. As
hilarious as it is surreal, Carol & Janet features playful surprises
that test the main characters’ friendship with humorous flair.


Director: Andrea Rosen

Producers: Andrea Rosen and Kate Cobb
Writer: Andrea Rosen


Cast: Giselle Gant, Tara Copeland, Eugene Cordero

Dances With You - Still 1.png


Dance Film / USA / 4mins

An exploration of grief and remembrance.

Directors: Julie Schmid & KC Monnie
Producers: Julie Schmid & KC Monnie
Writers: Julie Schmid & KC Monnie

Cast: Julie Schmid & KC Monnie

Screen Shot 2023-04-07 at 3.40.08 PM.png


Music Video / USA / 7 min.


We’ve all dealt with some kind of “demon”, be it addiction, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, depression, a toxic relationship, whiskey, food, etc. ‘Devil Said Roam’ tells the story of a woman who was ready to give in to her demons, but not even the Devil itself would take her soul. So she had no choice but to roam this earth to find herself. Have you found yourself yet? If not… keep looking.


Director: Tofik Aliev, Megan Morrison

Producers: Megan Morrison, Jason Parente,

Writer: Megan Morrison, Jason Parente


Cast: Megan Morrison, Donn Crothers, Jason Parente, Shane Stoner, Steve Armentrout, Edward Brown, Tony Alarcon, Sean Bauzay, Louann Krebs, Ariacna Castillo, Tofik Aliev, Anna Alieva



Music Video / USA / 4 min.

A raging storm brings a decrepit barn to life with ghostly dance. A celebration of life and a requiem for all we have lost.


Director: Michael Barnett
Producers: Joe Morreale, Michael Barnett, Dru Serkes


Cast: Gina Duci, Michael Jones, Sarah Fischer, Dru Serkes

230109 ECHO Turnover Soun Pair.01_00_24_05.Still001.png


Horror / USA / 3 min.

A woman plays back a mysterious old tape.


Director: Matthew Brennan
Producer: Rachel Bass
Writer: Matthew Brennan


Cast: Katelyn Sparks, Charlie McElveen



Drama/ USA / 46 min.


A group of immigrants seek a better life by journeying to America but encounter obstacles that will forever change their lives.


Director: Alfonso Loya

Producers: Julian Nunez, Canela Media

Writer: Julian Nunez


Cast: Marco Nevarez, Claudia Ramirez, Carlos Tejeda, Laura Galindo, Osvaldo Esparza



Danse / FRANCE / 6 min.


A dancer uses the magnificence of her art to charm the gods into granting her the impossible: a passage to the land of the dead.


Director: Camille Mỹ Giang

Producers: Camille Mỹ Giang & Luis Longo

Writer: Camille Mỹ Giang


Cast: Tehani Robinson

Fence Sitter Screenshot 1.png


Comedy / USA / 15 min.


An elder millennial grapples with the decision to become a parent at the world’s most insufferable baby shower.


Director: Sydne Horton

Producers: Jordan Van Clief, Liz Galalis, Sydne Horton

Writer: Liz Galalis


Cast: Liz Galalis, Andrew Dahreddine, Kennedy C. Hall, Nadège August, Julie Brett, Michael Brown, Naela Durrani, Teresa Ganzel, Julia Hladkowicz, Susan Louise O’Connor, Tatum Price



Drama / USA / 11 min.


Martin and Cassandra's promising second date takes an unexpected turn

when their conversation challenges personal beliefs and their assumptions about each other. By the end of the night both will find they are living in a world much different than what they believed it to be. 

Director: Brian James Crewe

Producers: Matt Keil, Brian James Crewe

Writer: Brian James Crewe, Joe Holt, Matt Keil, Amy Sloan. Based on the stage play by Mario Rivas


Cast: Amy Sloan, Joe Holt

image (116).png


Comedy / USA / 8 min.

A couple fends off zombies and their own demons during an apocalyptic anniversary.

Director: Mariano Flores
Producers: Alyssa Rallo Bennett
Writer: Mariano Flores, Julia Dilorenzo


Cast: Mark Abiskaroon, Laney Yoo



Drama/ USA / 17 min


Seventeen-year-old Maria Carbonell loves to make up stories of extraordinary characters, astonishing adventures, and unimaginable worlds.  Her latest may be her most fantastical… Her own.


Director: Joe Quesada

Producer: Nanci Quesada

Writer: Joe Quesada


Cast: Carlie Quesada, Scott Irvine, Kenley Bozzuto, Emily Todd, Angela Wang.



Comedy/USA/14 min.


Kate feels stagnant in her marriage to her high school sweetheart Rob. Will a mysterious stranger turn her life upside down?


Director: Brian Shakti

Producers: Brian Shakti, Melissa Jane Rodriguez, Phil Kruse, Brynn Lucas

Writer: Brian Shakti


Cast: Melissa Jane Rodriguez, Phil Kruse, Marisa Hood, Carlo Mendez



The original animated short "Gene's 6th Symphony" is based on a true story and was born with only six notes of music that became a symphonic magical story that defines true love and a life-long journey ending with a hope that lives forever.

Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 10.05.35 Rashad Haughton.png


Thriller / Japan / 11 min.

A mysterious drifter wanders into a bar owned by a
psychopathic yakuza gang on Halloween night.

Director: Rashad Haughton
Producers: Alex Lai, Toshiyuki Sasahara
Writer: Rashad Haughton


Cast: Moctar Diouf, Takeaki Abe, Yuichiro Otaka,
Kengo Kakeuchi, Toshiya Nakamatsu, Reira Arai, Ayumi Sakuma, Kasumi



Drama / USA / 17:31


Rigo, the new kid in town, finds himself being bullied by some of the local kids. A chance encounter with Miguel, a comic book store owner, introduces Rigo to the vast world of superheroes. But are they real or fiction?


Director: Roberto Sanchez

Producer: Erika Sabel Flores, Roberto Sanchez

Writer: Roberto Sanchez


Cast: Roberto Sanchez, Caleb Martinez, Bryson Robinson

Hike_Still 1.jpg


Drama / Australia / 4 min.

Hike is an animated short film that follows a young teenager honouring the memory of their mother while connecting with nature.
The film gently explores the emotional turmoil of grief, memory and growth in the wake of a tragedy, offering a unique moment to escape daily distractions and focus on what really matters - our relationships.


Co-Director, Original Concept and Story Creator: Alexander Rodeghiero-Smith (they/him)
Producer and Director: Justin Wight
Hike – A Monkeystack Production

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 8.34.23 PM.png


Cathartic Realism Drama / USA / 16 min.

After being violently abducted off the streets, Sara Martinez is taken to a remote location, only to realize that her kidnapper is no stranger. Written and starring the survivor herself, “how I lost my virginity” is told through the honest lens of Sara and Loco, while the film explores consent, perceptions around sexuality, and why no one seems to have ever met a rapist before. This piece of film gives a real voice to a silenced victim, as she fights to become a survivor.

Director: Claire Chubbuck
Producers: Bayan Joonam, Claire Chubbuck, Sofia D’Marco
Writer: Sofia D’Marco

Cast: Sofia D’Marco, Lloyd Lowe, Gian Franco Rodriguez



Comedy / USA / 27 min.


A satire comedy series told through the sharp wit and perky charm of the narrator Ruth, ‘How to Hack Birth Control,’ takes on everything that sex-ed never told you.


Director: Sassy Mohen

Producers: Sassy Mohen, Steve Cubine, Vince Yearly

Writer: Sassy Mohen


Cast: Xanthe Paige, Jackie R. Jacobson, Aisha Renee Holden, Megan Rach, Danny Royce, Austin Powell, Lauren Elizabeth Harris

image (118).png


Comedy / USA / 9 min.

When visited by a stranger who insists he is art himself, art gallery owner Jim Kempner faces a crisis of taste, as a wealthy buyer finds herself taken with his new "piece".

Director: Alyssa Rallo Bennett
Producers: Alyssa Rallo Bennett, Gary O. Bennett
Writer: Jim Kempner


Cast: Jim Kempner, Nik Walker, Sasha Hutchings, James Sarli, Sandra Kitchen

In My Skin Still 1.png


Cathartic Realism Drama / USA / 7 min.
When a girl with Body Dysmorphia meets her other half, she learns what it means to be a woman.

Director: Claire Chubbuck
Producers: Marc MacNeal, Claire Chubbuck, Sofia D’Marco
Writer: Sofia D’Marco

Cast: Sofia D’Marco, Royah Beheshti, Ohad Bitton

ISITS - Still1_Jackson.png


Dark Comedy / USA / 10 min.


A thirtieth birthday finds two headstrong friends dealing with different realities of the Black Harlem experience


Director: Gladimir Gelin

Producers: Ra A. Hearne, Anthony Gaskins

Writer: Ra A. Hearne


Cast: Nick Creegan, Anthony Gaskins, Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets

kid heart.jpg


A grandpa that's heartbroken, a mother that's disappointed, and a granddaughter that's not ready to give up on the family. A Japanese heartwarming musical!

Kody Switch Pic 2.png


Dark Comedy/ USA/ 9 mins


Kody alters the way he speaks based on the situation or who he’s talking to. Some would call it a survival technique; others might think he is clinically insane.


Director: Evan Cleaver

Producers: Evan Cleaver, Bety Le

Writer: Evan Cleaver


Cast: Evan Cleaver, Robert Gibby Brand

Stills for Poster 3_1.4.1.jpg


Drama / USA / 7.5 min.

Despite achieving a life-long aspiration for exuberant wealth, Tristan is left unfulfilled. He
chooses to have the last meal of his life, and is met with an unforeseen outcome.


Director: Dion Costelloe
Producers: Brendan Babinski, Laura Barbato
Writers: Deborah Rose Peña, Brendan Babinski


Cast: Joshua P Weinstein, Jeph Cangé, Deborah Rose Peña

LCC-STILL- 2.png


Drama / CANADA / 15 min.


Two strangers, reeling from the loss of their mutual friend, find themselves in an unexpected moment of connection on the streets of Montreal.


Director: Sarah Baskin

Producers: Bryan Fitzgerald, Valéry Lessard, Sarah Baskin

Based on a play by: Annick Lefebvre

Adapted to screenplay by: Sarah Baskin, Valéry Lessard, Bryan Fitzgerald


Cast: Miryam Magri, Valéry Lessard, Sarah Baskin

Film still in car.jpg


Documentary short / USA /26 minutes

A freshman city councilman in Philadelphia proposes a law to prevent the police from stopping drivers for minor infractions—and gets the cops on board. A year later, traffic stops are down 70 percent and seizures of illegal drugs and guns have doubled. Cities across the country are taking note.

Director: Sosena Solomon

Producers: Luke Slattery and Howard Tomb

Writer: N/A

Cast: Council Member Isaiah Thomas and his colleagues and family

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 6.27.13 PM.jpeg


Roman-c Comedy/ USA/ 12 mins
Aidan and Jayden feel an instant connection when they latch eyes at a speed dating event , but do they have enough courage to endure some odd characters in order to meet each other?

Director: Evan Cleaver
Producers: Evan Cleaver
Writer: Evan Cleaver


Cast: Evan Cleaver, Fana Minea Tesfagiorgis, Aaron Branch, Aly Mawji, Nic Few, Catherine Adell, Gabriella Ortiz, Daniel Zemedia, Sophia Rumbea, Sydney Rose Walker, Alma Muniz, Simmin Yu, Ian Littleworth

Lucy Pic 4 Robert Craighead.jpg


Drama / USA / 21 min

Lucy's Last Song is the story of a woman reconnecting with her estranged father after many years apart.  As the night unfolds their wounds are exposed and dirty laundry aired.  However, family bonds are strong enough to weather the storm of life.  A mix of drama and the supernatural set to an original music soundtrack.  Lucy's Last Song.

Director: Raul Rosco Guerro

Executive Producer: Robert Craighead

Writer:  Raul Rosco Guerro

Cast: Brea Bee. Robert Craighead, Christine Sclafani, Herve Clermont



A man hires an actress to play his girlfriend during a family dinner, but his plans go awry when she decides to go off-script



Horror Comedy / USA / 10 min.


A mockumentary horror comedy depicting a woman being held hostage by vampire plants and her plan to finally escape.


Director: Christine Celozzi

Producers: J. Everley

Writer: Christine Celozzi


Cast: Christine Celozzi, Alexander Gauthier

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 11.48_edited.jpg


Drama / USA / 9 Min.

A New York City couple is reconnected only to discover that things are not all that they seem.


Directors: Mickey Roberts, Gianni Damaia
Producers: Mike Barbieri, John Barbieri
Writer: Gianni Damaia


Cast: John Barbieri, Elle Kenwood



Crime/Drama/USA/21 mins 22 sec

A tortured cop/mother must find the killer of a young girl so that she can make peace with her troubled past.

Director: Lain Ewing
Producer: GingerPants Productions LLC
Writer: Ginger Britt Daniels

Cast: Ginger Britt Daniels, Andrea Marshall Money, Adam Noble, Emy Coligado, Samrat Chakrabarti



Dark Comedy / USA / 29 Min.


A romantically confused woman wakes up with a hangover, a dead guy in her bed and no recollection of how she got there. When her clingy ex-boyfriend shows up and desperately wants to get back together, she recruits him and his doofus friend to help her uncover the events of the night before while discovering what she wants, and doesn’t want, in her love life.


Director: Mark Serao

Producers: Mark Serao, Dana Serao, Stacey Van Gorder

Writer: Dana Serao


Cast: Rebi Paganini, Zachary Desmond, Joshua Michael Payne, Logan Taylor Roberts, Zarrette Rogers



Comedy / USA / 17 min.

A woman with agoraphobia and the AirBnB guest across the hall strike up a correspondence that becomes something more for the holidays.


Director: Alyssa Thordarson, Michael Glover Smith
Producers: Alyssa Thordarson & Michael Glover Smith
Writer: Alyssa Thordarson


Cast: Shaina Schrooten, Alyssa Thordarson

2 portada  3840x2160.png


Drama/ Puerto Rico/ 9 minutes

PRINCËNEY is a Caribbean boy that begins a journey towards the unimaginable to achieve his greatest wish: he just wants to be a prince.


Director, Producer, and Writer: AG Orloz
Main cast: AG Orloz, Rodrigo Martínez Meza, Noris Joffre, Johanna Rosaly, Eduardo Regem, Joel Matteu, Ramír Delgado, Sara Pastor, Jazmín Caratini, Maribel Quiñones, José Martínez and Eizzil Cintrón.

Still 1.png


Drama / USA / 10 min.
Waking up after his untimely death, Loflin finds himself a ghostly spectator in his own life, forced to contend with what it means to be a memory. More startling, he must grapple with what it means to be forgotten.

Director: Aris Federman
Producers: Iman Amini
Writer: Aris Federman

Cast: Benjamin Izaak, Ashley Allen, Joey Pittorino

Screen 2.PNG


Narrative / USA / 5 min.

Two Strangers get stuck in an elevator for what feels like a lifetime.


Director: Carlos Aristy

Producers: Carlos Aristy & Samantha Cora
Writer: Carlos Aristy


Cast: Yanilka Tejeda , Christian Suro



Drama / USA / 15 min.

In 1963, a Jesuit priest attempts to navigate the monotony of his life and begins to question his vocation, his faith, and his self-worth.

Director: Caid Slattery
Producers: Nifemi Adegboye, Melody Mehryan, and Caid Slattery
Writer: Caid Slattery


Cast: Will Ormsby Cary, Charlotte Hacke, David Boldt



Drama / USA / 18 min.


Two women simultaneously go through traumatic events, and connect briefly over a phone call.


Director: Melanie Thompson

Producers: Truman Lewis, Maggie Rodriguez-McGovern, Diana Keeler

Writer: Marisa Hood


Cast: Molly Jackson, Marisa Hood, Noah Toth, Molly Hagan



Drama / USA / 18 min
A new mother struggles with the Chinese postpartum practice of "sitting the month" in the wake of her own mother's death.


Director: Felicity LuHill
Producers: Felicity LuHill, Rebecca Chu
Writer: Rebecca Chu


Cast: Jenny Soo, Cici Lau, Eric Wentz, Amy Bui, Priscilla Lu



Narrative / USA / 9 min.

On a tumultuous wedding day, five women prepare to walk down the aisle while a teenage bridesmaid probes about what really happens on the wedding night. A subversive and political take on the rom-com genre that reveals the disturbing truth behind one bride’s pre-nuptial cold feet.

Director: Michelle Bossy
Producers: Regina Myers, Jacey Powers & Megan E. Walker
Writer: Jacey Powers


Cast: Sami Rappoport, Jacey Powers, Laila Ayad, Derek Carley, Sherri Mandajuano, Leah Sprecher, & Kate Sullivan.



Horror / USA / 13 min. 10 sec.

Trapped in his strangely unnatural house, time and reality blur for Max as he desperately unravels the mystery of his missing family.


Director: Tom W. Metz III
Producers: Johnny Giacalone, Tom W. Metz. III
Writers: Johnny Giacalone, Tom W. Metz. III


Cast: Johnny Giacalone, Kate Rene Gleason, Daryl Crittenden



Comedy / USA / 12 min.
Two hook up buddies must move past their commitment issues to find
a missing condom.

Director: Michael Garcia
Producers: Andy Marques, Callie Ott
Writer: Callie Ott


Cast: Callie Ott, Andy Marques

Temecula Screenshot 2.jpeg


Dark Comedy / USA / 14 min.

When Serena invites her three best friends to her recently purchased countryside villa, questions are raised regarding how she acquired this newfound lifestyle.
Director: CJ Colando
Producers: Andrew Martinez Nold, Jared Moore, Paris Dylan, Charlotte
Kaseta, Jenni Kennedy, Eden Elissague, Emily Shulmanovich
Writer: CJ Colando


Cast: Jenni Kennedy, Charlotte Kaseta, Eden Elissague, Emily Shulmanovich

Testimony FrameGrab1_3.1.1.png


Thriller / USA / 17 min.


Murder suspect Michael Raines questions his own truth and reality after battling a peculiar detective determined to get more than a confession during an interrogation.


Director | Producer: Jason Camp

Co-Producer: Ocean Marciano

Associate Producers: Roberto Sanchez, Vladimir Versailles

Writer: Jason Camp


Cast: Roberto Sanchez, Vladimir Versailles, Becky Birdsong, Phil Tyler

Ratoya Banks Scott Evans Mike Silva Jesseca Logan



Comedy/USA/ 13 min.

A quirky comedy about a feisty young woman looking for light in the darkness of the pandemic lockdown in New York. Inspired by internet stories about the return of wild animals to cities around the world -- "Zika deer in Japan!" -- our determined, odd-ball heroine treks down to the Hudson River, sits on some rocks, and spends solid weeks hoping to spot a dolphin in the murky water, "like a girl Captain Ahab." Is her quest rewarded? Is there hope for the world? Or does she end up on the floor of her apartment having a five hour cry? A modern-day fairytale written and directed by the author of "The Motorcycle Diaries."


Director: Jose Rivera
Producers: Paperain Productions, Lively Lady Studios
Writer: Jose Rivera


Cast: Sara Koviak, George Saenz

The Cocoon Still 2.png


Animation / USA / 8.5 min.

Trapped inside a room covered with muddy footprints, a man will stop
at nothing to mop the floor perfectly clean. But with every step he
takes to wipe away a footprint, he leaves a new one behind him.


Director: David Shen Miller
Producers: David Shen Miller, Andrew Seth Cohen, Ryan Kieffer
Writer: David Shen Miller
Lead Animators: Andres Couturier

Screencap 1.png


Documentary / USA / 19:24 min.

An atmospheric and meditative short documentary, displaying an intimate portrait of a farm located in the countryside of the Dominican Republic from dusk to dawn.

Director: Tatiana Tift
Producers: Tatiana Tift
Cast: Hubert St Ylma

Marinn Still 2.png


Sci-Fi Thriller / USA / 14 min.
A damaged rental sex robot learns to defy her programming against her sadistic patron.

Director, Producer, Writer: Emma Swider
Cast: Brianna Cohen, Mars Roberts, Cliff LoBrutto, Michael A. Lewis, Monty Renfrow, John Teschner, Fanny Lawren, Kevin Klink

moon followed me to falmouth.jpg


A seafarer sings the story of how he, as a young man, left Falmouth looking for a new life on the High Seas. During his voyage, he recounts how the moon began to follow him, watching his every move. After months at sea, the ship arrived at a topical island where the moon lead him to his first true love awaiting on the beach. But the moon became envious of their love, drove them apart, and forced the young man, heartbroken and alone, back to Falmouth. Every time he looks up at the night sky, the moon is always there, reminding him of a love lost so many years ago.

Still 2.JPEG


Thriller / USA / 11 min.

A chronically ill people-pleaser interviews for a life changing job at a recruiting agency, only to unravel the sinister cult that lies within.


Director: Bao Truong
Producers: Christina Connerton, Bao Truong, Mel Loncich, Fernando Morillo
Writer: Christina Connerton


Cast: Christina Connerton, Tryphena Wade, Brittany Carel, Milan Anderson



Musical / France / 4 min.
Director: Jonathan Verleysen
Music: DOVE-i (Thomas Verovski & Bastide Donny)
Lyrics: Rioux V

Performed by: Rioux V and the Scoring Orchestra
Cast: Lemonade Dance Company



Musical/USA/14 minutes


An aspiring singer is stuck delivering singing telegrams to make ends meet. Blinded by his desire to succeed, he risks losing the one part of his life he needs most...until a surprise telegram changes his perspective.
Director: Nic Cory
Producers: Edward Grey, Emily Halbing
Writer: Edward Grey

Cast: Edward Grey, Andrew Chappelle

TheTest_Screenshot 3.png


Drama / USA / 7mins

Secrets unfold as a young couple struggles to stay together amidst some potentially life-changing news.


Director: Jakob Lofberg
Producers: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid
Writers: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid


Cast: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid, Adrian Burks, Clayton Bailey

TnT screenshot 040.jpg


Drama / USA / 22 min.


In an effort to free herself from writer's block, an aspiring screenwriter with big dreams decides to share her truth despite doubts, all while navigating challenging life changes brought on by divorce.


Director: Katie Garibaldi

Producers: Katie Garibaldi

Writer: Katie Garibaldi


Cast: Marisa Hood, Laura Siskoff, Sean Liang, Mickey Schiff, Cindy D’Andrea, Larry Altmayer, Jules Quaas, David Cameli

Those We Carry - Key Still.jpg


Drama / USA / 14 min.


Those We Carry is a snapshot of a mother and daughter's last 24 hours together as they travel to the wilderness of California so the mother, who's terminally ill, can die with dignity.


Director: Rachel Borders

Producers: Grace Merriman, Rachel Borders, & Anastasia Puglisi

Writer: Rachel Borders


Cast: Nancy Travis & Adrienne Visnic



Drama / USA-Brazil / 15 minutes.

After losing her family ties due to political disagreements, Julia is left with very few alternatives to financially provide for herself and finish school in New York City. When her last remaining allies are put to the test she eventually has to choose between surrendering to her conservative family in Brazil or selling herself to a stranger.


Director: Ana Moioli and Ryan Cairns
Producers: Luísa Galatti and Giorgia Valenti
Writer: Luísa Galatti


Cast: Luísa Galatti, Giorgia Valenti, John Squires and Nelson Baskerville

TBH Screengrab 1.png


Drama / USA / 6 min.


Two exes attempt to reconnect, unaware they each have something to hide.


Director: John Robert Hammerer

Producers: Daniel Kirby, Liana Sonenclar, John Robert Hammerer

Writer: Liana Sonenclar


Cast: Liana Sonenclar, Daniel Kirby, Ana Moioli



Drama / USA / 6:54 min.

Following a family funeral, a widower is caught off guard when his precocious 8-year-old daughter makes a wish to become a vampire so that she will never die.


Director: Nelson Downend

Producers: Katinka Locascio, Nelson Downend

Writer: Nelson Downend


Cast: David L. Townsend, Celestial Aurora Rose, Katinka Locascio

Carly still.jpeg


Drama / USA / 13 min.

A young mother packs away the last box, a life never


Director: Kyle Beckwith
Producer: Kyle Beckwith
Writer: Kyle Beckwith


Cast: Aimee Paxton, Carly Stewart



Sitcom Pilot Comedy / USA / 22 min.

As a loving parent yet dissatisfied writer, Adam gets a wake-up call from a health scare, sparking a head-first dive into the jaded underground stand-up comedy world of Brooklyn.

Director: Bobby Friedman
Producers: Bobby Friedman, Brandon Warrick
Writers: Bobby Friedman, Adam Mamawala


Cast: Adam Mamawala, Joan Glackin, Michael Alix, Grace Canaan, Jay Nambiar, Catherine Nastasi, Jose Vaughn, Randall Otis, Tyus King, Joe Marano, Kevin Sanchez, Eitan Levine

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 5.17.06 PM.jpg

We Are the Apocalypse !

Black Comedy / USA / 29 min. 14 sec.

An “arts collective” turns to terrorism to enact a grand scheme of social justice, but their plans go awry when they realize they’ve been conned from within. With nothing to lose, they change tack and return to what they know best.

Director: Charles William Lane
Producers: Charles William Lane, John L. Murphy
Writer: Charles William Lane


Cast: Pat Skipper, Sarah Street, Yair Ben-Dor, Helen Laser, John Kell O’Hara

Mom and Dana Still.jpg


Drama / USA / 13 min. 43 sec.

A young woman struggling with chronic pain derivative of her scoliosis,
has her life upended by her parents after several failed attempts to
seek medical treatment on her own.

Director: SanMartin Garcia
Producers: Adrienne Acevedo Lovette, Ashley Hearon-Smith
Executive Producers: Caroline Heinle, Stephen Heinle, Nancy Heinle
Writer: Caroline Heinle


Cast: Caroline Heinle, Shaun O’Hagan, Amy Janette-McDonald, Teren
Carter, Sabina Collazo, Rick Hamilton, Frank Vollero, Rica de
Ocampo, Toni Short, Jacqueline Guillen, David Rey, Adrienne
Acevedo Lovette, Ashley Hearon-Smith, Nilesh Parikh



Musical, Comedy / USA / 19 min.


A disco musical about two Afro-Latina sisters who find out what it means to grow up – and how that doesn’t mean growing apart.


Director: Anabel Iñigo

Producers: Rachel Allen, Danielle Mullins, Alissa Nguyễn

Writer: Anabel Iñigo


Cast: Alexis Milan Turner, Reina Macías, Sam Uehling, Stirling Bradley

Zero Method Still 01.jpg


Scifi Pilot / USA / 23 min.


Travel to the future is permanent, while travel to the past is only temporary, but for Ethan, the rules of time were made to be broken… 


Director: Ben Myers

Producers: Ben Myers, Nicholas Richter

Writer: Ben Myers


Cast: Ben Myers, Mu-Shaka Benson, Jessica Noboa

Zoe & Alan Meet, Cute- Screenshot 2.png


Comedy / USA / 7mins

When her blind date goes awry, a disheartened woman finds connection with the sweet stranger who crashes her picnic.


Director: Meisha Lee
Writers: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid
Producers: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid


Cast: Kevin Kempis, Julie Schmid, Miles Crawford

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