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2022 Official Selections

Short Films / Pilots


#PrincessProblems 2.jpeg

Comedy / USA / 19 min.


In the strenuous world of children’s party entertainment, an overly positive and well-meaning “princess” must win over a practical writer who is doing a story on female role models.


Director: Maritza Gomez

Producers: Brittney Lee Hamilton, Kelly Remenik

Writer: Brittney Lee Hamilton


Cast: Brittney Lee Hamilton, Shyrley Rodriguez, Amy Russ

#PrincessProblems 2.jpeg


Diahnna Nicole Baxter Stacks.JPG

Dramedy / USA / 7.5 minutes


Synopsis: Unprecedented times force two fierce rivals to come face to face to close a deal for the most valuable substance on earth. $TACK$ sarcastically holds a mirror up for the audience to see the best and worst in themselves. Daring them to confront the judgments and assumptions deep in their own minds.


Director: Gerald Webb

Writer: Gerald Webb

Producers: Gerald Webb, Meredith Thomas, Mark Christopher Lawrence


Cast: Mark Christopher Lawrence, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Calvin Winbush, Tarnue Massaquoi, Jamie Burton-Oare, Jadarrel Belser



Diahnna Nicole Baxter Stacks.JPG

A Bellevue Love Story

bellevue still 1.png

Drama / USA / 20 min.


When a manic and a depressive begin a hospital romance, it forces us to question everything we thought we knew about medicine…and everything we want to believe about the healing power of love.


Director: Michael Wolfe

Producers: Michael Wolfe, Randa Karambelas

Writer: Michael Wolfe


Cast: Chelsea Yakura-Kurtz, Colin Bates

Diahnna Nicole Baxter Stacks.JPG

A Best Man


Drama / USA / 12 min.


On his best friend’s wedding day, Josh proves a best man can only do so much to make sure everything goes smoothly for the bride and groom.


Director: Dylan Tuccillo

Producers: Lisa Schiller, Stephen Tucker, Adam Elliott

Writer: Adam Elliott


Cast: Kelly McCready, Nathaniel Levin, Adam Elliott

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

A Familiar Voice

A Familiar Voice.jpg


2 Timers Still 2.jpg

A Machine For Boredom


Experimental / USA / 3 minutes


Isolation drives a man to rethink his position within a capitalistic society.


Director / Writer / Producer: Marc Cartwright


Cast: Baker Chase Powell



After (A Love Story)


Drama / USA / 14 min.


A surviving couple works to begin healing the emotional and psychological wounds of a shared trauma.


Director: Clare Cooney

Producers: Alyssa Thordarson, Clare Cooney

Writer: Alyssa Thordarson


Cast: Alyssa Thordarson, Glenn Stanton, Susaan Jamshidi



Breakfast at the Bodega

Bodega Still 1.png

Comedy / USA / 14 min.


A talented young Brooklynite/Palestinian-American attempts to live out his dreams of becoming a French pastry chef despite his first-generation father's wishes. Struggling to fill his first big order for a gig, tensions arise when the father forbids him from using their family bodega to cook.

Director: Marina Barham

Producers: Cameron Danger Strittmatter, Jacob Wilson

Writer: Marina Barham, Cameron Danger Strittmatter


Cast: Troy Tripicchio, Steven Alonte, Yasmine Al-Bustami, Katherine Leidlein, Mika Wurf, Kareem Rahm,

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Sci-Fi Thriller / Spain / 7 min.


A young woman wakes up in the middle of an apocalyptic, deserted world. As she
meanders through the abandoned remains, she encounters a looming presence.


Director: Mickey Tetrov
Producers: Dani Whitehead, Alejandro Salvat, Mickey Tetrov
Writer: Mickey Tetrov

Cast: Melanie Smith

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Dance / USA / 9 min.


A passionate Argentine Tango dance fantasy featuring a woman exploring the sensual and dangerous possibilities presented by a potential new lover.


Director: Brian James Crewe

Producers: Matt Keil, Brian James Crewe

Writer: Brian James Crewe


Cast: Jennifer Berry, Claudio Predieri, Ella, Rebecca Bartlett




Christopher Garchow - Still 4.jpg

Horror Thriller / USA / 10 min.


Lexi, an overworked, shy young woman, is forced to work late one evening, where she is haunted by her innermost insecurities and demonic whispers.


Director: Kit Garchow

Producers: Mac Eldridge, Kit Garchow; Co-Producer: Alchemic Images

Writer: Kit Garchow


Cast: Carlena Britch, Emilie Soghomonian, David Dimitruk, Will Dowsett


Christopher Garchow - Still 4.jpg


Screengrab Classified Pix for IMDB - Sadie Raul Philip crop.jpg

Comedy / USA / 36 minutes


Classified is Veep meets the CIA in a filmic Coen Brothers like comedy about a team of intelligence agents - not the best nor the brightest. 


Director:  Aemilia Scott

Executive Producers:  Chris Carvalho and Chris Plaushin

Writers: Chris Carvalho and Chris Plaushin


Cast:  Eric Roberts, Mary Faber, Mitch Silpa, Tim Russ, Tony Rodriguez and Allison Dunbar.

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Pilot/Web Series/Short | USA | 29 min.


History’s greatest conspiracies. They can't all be true - But can they all be false? Ten years after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, a mysterious video surfaces that rattles the highest levels of the U.S. government. Only a select few know what the video contains, but for an elite team of FBI agents, only one thing is certain: Those responsible need to be found at all costs. It's a race against time as a conspiracy unravels, a government is threatened, and history is re-written. A decade after the terrorist attack that changed the world, it could all change again. Which side of history are you on?


Director: Danny Angotti

Producers: Johnny Small, Lucy Nazareno

Writer: Danny Angotti


Cast: Michael Antosy, Lisie Rosenberg, Josiah Polhemus, Wendell Wilson, Kaiso Hill, Adam Thayer.


Cookies & Cream


Comedy / USA / 4 min


When a houseguest violates unspoken societal rules, the host seeks justice.


Director: Charlie Saxton

Producer: Gaelan Draper

Writer: Charlie Saxton

Cast: Allison Landi, Charlie Saxton, Sherin Shetty, Neil Tyrone Pritchard

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Coyote Tears

Coyote Tears.jpg

The story of a young man that breaks away from his family in anger after they were torn apart by the recent disgusting political mayhem. But there are so many reasons this can happen- conflict over life choices, life styles, religious beliefs, etc. Not all young coyotes stay with the pack…many times there is too much conflict and they must leave and start a new life on their own.

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Drama / USA / 15 min.

Janine forces her teenage daughter and her two besties to have an actual conversation by confiscating their cellphones for one hour. Meanwhile she texts her husband she wants a divorce.

Director: Jeannette Godoy

Producers: Jeannette Godoy, Jordan Brady, Meredith Thomas, Tom Jenkins

Writer: Jeannette Godoy

Cast: Meredith Thomas, Gabi Feingold, Sandy Esperanza, Ivy Schoffman , Tom Jenkins

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Easter Eggs: An Non Parody

Brian Shakti - Eggs.jpg

Comedy / USA / 8 min.


Four friends share stories about relationships, meatloaf and The Wizard of Oz over an innocent game of GoFish but as the night unfolds so does their secrets.


There are several Easter Eggs hidden in the film including 31 famous movie lines. How many can you find?


Director: Brian Shakti

Producers: Brian Shakti, Johnny Rey Diaz, Aaron Arnold, Austin Arnold

Writer: Brian Shakti


Cast: Brian Shakti, Johnny Rey Diaz, Aaron Arnold, Austin Arnold, Marilyn Ghigliotti

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Science Fiction/Drama / USA / 12 min.


When similarities arise between two subjects' answers in a scientific study, further examination reveals more than either subject can comprehend.


Director: Nate Hapke

Producers: Rosie Grace, Julia Armine, Nate Hapke

Writer: Nate Hapke


Cast: Niya Wright, CB Mullen, Allie Leonard, Nate Hapke



Finding Keanu

Finding Keanu Screen Grab 1.png

Comedy/ USA/ 8 min.

Two clueless best friends are on a stakeout in the desert, searching for their  guru - Keanu Reeves.

Directors Verity Butler & Rebecca Holopter

Producers Verity Butler & Rebecca Holopter

Writers: Verity Butler & Rebecca Holopter

Cast: Verity Butler, Rebecca Holopter, Sharmila Ray

Finding Keanu Screen Grab 1.png



Drama / USA / 16 min.

When a grieving widower tries to bear loneliness by burying himself in books, he unexpectedly finds company in the pages.

Director: Tommy Petroskey
Producers: Luca Alessandrini, Tommy Petroskey
Writer: Tommy Petroskey


Cast: Robert McKeon, Kaitlyn Lunardi




Comedy / USA / 15 min.


After another morning of mundane interactions with her boyfriend, a woman reaches her breaking point and throws a fork across the room.  


Director: Jonathan Kehoe

Producers: Maggie Rodriguez-McGovern, William Greenburg, Marisa Hood

Writer: Marisa Hood


Cast: David Witts, Marisa Hood

2 Timers Still 2.jpg


Gardenia Screenshot Woman MED.png

Dystopian Thriller / USA / 15 min.


A pandemic has abolished most of the world’s population and all that Woman has loved and lost.  Fighting a haunted psyche in the midst of isolation and extremity,  the lesson of Woman’s pilgrimage is clear:  we must hold dear to what matters most- at any cost- till the very end.


DIRECTOR:  Caleb King

PRODUCERS:  Caleb King, Eva Swan

WRITER:  Eva Swan


CAST:  Eva Swan, Aiden Bristow, Kyle Shaw

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Glass Darkly


Drama, Thriller / USA / 20 min.


In 1941 Holland, two Dutch sisters must deal with the turmoil of their Nazi-occupied town.


Directors: Dave Penner and Eli Chance

Producer: Viktorija Razevska

Writers: Dave Penner and Eli Chance


Cast: Heavenly Dunsheath-Reyna, Tori Griffith, Benjamin Schnau


Helen's Nose

FINAL!!!!-1 small.jpg

Romantic Comedy / USA / 7 min.


A middle-aged man hatches a plan to win the woman of his dreams.


Director: Brian Russell

Producers:  Brian Russell, Mike Boland, Hannia Gullien, Megan Smith-Harris

Writer: Mike Boland


Cast:  Mike Boland, Tonya Cornelisse

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

How to do Sh!t with Guido Gagootz

How to Do Shit - no title.png

Watch Guido Gaguzzi show you how to do sh!t!


2 Timers Still 2.jpg

In Her Eyes

In her eyes.jpg

An experiential look at the emotional toll of a breakup as told through the eyes of Laurel, a young woman who has just separated from her partner, Jason.

Writer / Director: Andrew Nisinson

Producers: Andrew Nisinson, Meilin Gray

Cast: Meilin Gray, Trevor Peterson, Lauren Switzer, Michael Micalizzi

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Instant Gratification


Drama/Dark Comedy / USA / 13 min.


A lonely YouTube influencer seeking instant fame is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but it might not be enough to satisfy his followers.


Director: Johnny Rey Diaz

Producers: Johnny Rey Diaz, Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold

Writer: Aaron Arnold


Cast: Johnny Rey Diaz, Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Just a Man and a Woman

Just a man and a woman

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Meeting secretly at a hotel once a week, a man and a woman are soon forced to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

Director:               Oscar Torre

Producers:           Oscar Torre, Chuti Tiu, Roberto Sanchez, Dylan Dixon,

                             Erika Sabel Flores

Writer:                  Oscar Torre

Cast:                    Chuti Tiu, Roberto Sanchez

Just a man and a woman

Killing Georgia Jones


Psychological Thriller / USA / 14:58

In this tense clash of wills between killer and captive, motives are questioned, secrets exposed, as both sides vie for power and uncover the truth. 

Director: Andrew Gallerani 
Producers: Andrew Gallerani, James Hutchison, Margot Ott

Writer: Andrew Gallerani 

Cast: Lauren Akemi Bradley, Jeff Gladstone

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Letter From God


Dark Comedy / USA / 14 min.


Twin brothers embark on a journey to fill the void of their father's passing while soliciting the help of an ex-youth pastor with ulterior motives.


Director: Johnny Rey Diaz

Producers: Johnny Rey Diaz, Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold, Brian Shakti, Brynn Lucas, Shelby Lee, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Michael L. Popek

Writer: Aaron Arnold, Austin Arnold


Cast: Austin Arnold, Aaron Arnold, Brian Shakti




Comedy / USA / 11 min.


When spouses Alice and Betsy get into a heated argument while on hold with their internet company; their customer service representative, a therapist in training, intervenes and helps them through their technical and psychological difficulties. 


Director: AJ Young

Producers: AJ Young, Marisa Hood

Writer: Marisa Hood


Cast: Shiva Ayama, Marisa Hood

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Animation/Japan/12 min. 35 sec.


Judy, who is now old and living in an institution, suddenly feels different when she sees her husband Nick, who visits to meet her every day. She tries to remember something. How do people remember what they have forgotten?



Director: FOREST Hunting One

Executive Producer: Ryoichi Mori

Producer: Mizuki Sameshima

Animator: Eiji Watabe, Soichiro Yodogawa, Ryusei Taguchi,

Taiyo Tsuruta, Hayato Nakano



Momma, Don't Go


Horror / USA / 6 min.


A mother and daughter struggle to survive a deadly home invasion.


Director: Rafael De Leon Jr.

Producer: Rafael De Leon Jr.

Writer: Rafael De Leon Jr.


Cast: Julia Tolchin, Leanne Watson, Melissa Sutkowski, Anthony Franqui



New York I'm Breaking Up With You

NY Im breaking up with you.png

Drama,Comedy / USA/ 4 min.

Dumped by his girlfriend, a broken-hearted Stephen blames New York City for his misfortunes. When he decides to dump the city and leave, the city finds a way to pull him back in.


Director : Pepi Kokab

Producer : Pepi Kokab

Writer : Pepi Kokab


Cast : Stephen Multari, Roger Casey, Ellen Bryan

NY Im breaking up with you.png


Still Nostalgia 2.jpg

Fantasy / Portugal, Russian Federation / 5 min.


After many years away, Adele returns to her hometown and meets her childhood friend, Nina. Growing up together they shared all their most joyful, happy and crazy moments. But the meeting turns out to be just a figment of Adele's imagination as she passes by the familiar house filled with happy memories.


Director: Anastasia Raykova

Producers: David Royzengurt, Alina Nizova, Remi Tribillon

Writer: Anastasia Raykova, Angela Franklyn


Cast: Rina Grishina, Elizaveta Moryak, Alina Nizova

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Drama, Animation / Lebanon / 5 min.

Surrounded by her loving family on her birthday, an event occurs that shapes Mira’s life forever. 


Director: Maya Zankou, Toni Yammine

Producers: Maya Zankou, Toni Yammine

Writer: Maya Zankou, Toni Yammine


Cast: M Yammine, Serena Chami, Fouad Yammine



Removable still 1.jpg

Drama / USA / 17 min.


An immigrant struggles with guilt after calling the police on her abusive husband, which results in his deportation.


Director: Shu-Ying Chung

Producer: James Rosenthal

Writers: Shu-Ying Chung, James Rosenthal


Cast: Yi Liu, WooJae Chung, Chun Cho, Borah Ahn, Carolina Đỗ, Kylie Kuioka, Vincent Leong, Jody Chang

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Rent a Neighbor

rent a neirgbor

Drama/Comedy/ USA / 8:45


Waylon, a stubborn local who resides in a quaint seaside town, is confronted by tourists searching for their short term rental. 

Director/Writer: Jim Morrison


Cast: Bill Kitzerow, Amie Sponza, Robert Leckington

rent a neirgbor

Running Star


Experimental-Musical Thriller / USA / 14 min.


A cautionary tale of self and societal oppression and the cyclical/intergenerational trauma of our past and present. It's "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" meets "Get Out," by way of "Twelve Years A Slave."

The young free rising star (Goldie), afraid of repeating the same enslaved history of her ancestors, is on the run, in fear that her current reality of success and freedom may have all been an illusion and she’s actually been enslaved her entire life.


Director: Sakinah Iman

Producers: Sakinah Iman

Writer: Sakinah Iman


Cast: Sakinah Iman, Obiajulu Maha, Morrison Odili,

Domonique W., Mikaeel Puckerine, Kalim Smith, Azrael Encarnacion, Vance Brown, Keyri Soto

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Drama / Portugal / 17 min.


Kate, a carefree young woman, is nervous about spending her first weekend away with her new lover and his kids. On their way to his beachside holiday home, he receives a text from his troubled ex-wife, threatening suicide. Thinking it's just another cry for attention, he ignores it. Later that night he receives the call he was dreading. Kate suddenly finds herself embroiled in a complex family situation that she's not ready for, trying to find a way to comfort a grieving family that she hasn't yet found her place in.


Director: Anastasia Raykova

Producers: David Royzengurt, Anastasia Everall

Writer: Gulnara Sapargalieva, Angela Franklyn, Anastasia Raykova


Cast: Anastasia Everall, Paulo Rocha, Luisinha Guanilho, João Maria Dias

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Ships in the Night

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.55.45 PM.png

Comedy & Drama / USA / 11 min.


To combat her growing isolation, a young woman turns to an online fandom community and starts writing fanfiction about the fictional characters she is fixated on.


Director: Katherine Bourne Taylor

Producers: Katherine Bourne Taylor, Jennifer Hoks

Writer: Katherine Bourne Taylor


Cast: Katherine Bourne Taylor, Cora Vander Broeke

2 Timers Still 2.jpg


Dylan Zivitz - Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 3.00.17 PM.png

Drama / USA / 11 min.


A simple man's journey with grief is briefly placed in limbo when he experiments with psychedelics to see the one he loves. 

Director: Dylan Zivitz

Producers: Dylan Zivitz, Susan Marinello

Writer: Jacob Kyle Loescher


Cast: Jacob Kyle Loescher, Dianne Garriga, William T. Thess,

Jan Downs Rutter


2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Spell It Out in Neon

Spell It Out in Neon Still 1_2.jpeg

Comedy, Romance / USA / 11 minutes 51 seconds


Stuck in the “friend zone” with her charming but ephemeral coworker, an aspiring young artist decides to take a leap of romantic faith at a Halloween party.


Director: Tammy Minoff

Producer: David Fickas

Writer: Samantha Lester


Cast: Samantha Lester, Daniel David Stewart, Sarah Sawyer

2 Timers Still 2.jpg



Romance/USA/17 min.

When the curtain descends on their final performance of Romeo and Juliet in drama club, high school seniors Abigail and Sky bid a fair adieu to the stage they loved while letting their most deepest desires for one another surface at the cast party.

Director: Lisa Marie Tedesco
Producer: R.A. Johnson
Writer: Lisa Marie Tedesco


Cast: Courtney St. Gelias, Sierra Berkeley Fisher, JahDey Oakley Wright

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Survival job

Monica McCarthy - SJ Screengrab Tessa.jpg

Dark Comedy / USA / 12 min 48 sec.

When a struggling Method acting student is interrogated by an international Baddie who thinks she is a CIA agent, she must give the performance of her life… literally.

Director: Monica McCarthy
Producers: Nathalie Frederick, Erin Glass, Monica McCarthy,

Elizabeth Daniels
Writer: Monica McCarthy


Cast: Monica McCarthy, Lindy Rogers, Sergey Nagorny, Yaz Perez,

Ben Brown, Ben Stroman, Jude Severin, Nina Tarr

2 Timers Still 2.jpg


Poster Horizontal small.jpg

Dance / Canada / 12 min, 49 sec.


In response to an emerging landscape for current artists, internationally renowned film director Lauren Finerman and choreographer Cathy Marston’s new choreographic work Switchback offers a physical narrative portraying a dancer’s quest to chase their dreams. Switchback is a coming of age story about a young adult who leaves their home in order to chase their dream. The film follows their story as they set out on a quest to leave what is comfortable and embark on the unknown. Their story is echoed through the stories of other characters on the same journey, taking risks, getting lost and facing challenges to reach their goal. By drawing from their personal experiences and that of collaborating artists, this dance film features site specific solos and duets, performed by six dancers from locations all over the world.


Directors: Lauren Finerman, Cathy Marston

Choreographer: Cathy Marston

Producers: Anaya Bobst, Lauren Finerman

Executive Producer: John Dalrymple


Cast: Inara Wheeler, David West, Annabelle Hustace, Marusya Madubuko, Tristan Toy, Michaela Marrable

Ballet Unleashed - Switchback Still 11.PNG

The Pepper Project

Caris Vujcec - B3920716-7DB9-4F45-BEA2-214988698EBC.jpeg

Suspense-Thriller / USA / 22min.

Ex-CIA super spy Pepper and her boys Friday must solve a series of increasingly-dangerous puzzles in order to find her missing sister.

Directors: Eric Yellin & Caris Vujcec

Producers: Caris Vujcec, Nancy Wiser, Eric Yellin, Amy Fitzmaurice

Writer: Caris Vujcec

Cast:  Caris Vujcec, Rob Breckenridge, Kate Levy, Scott Janes,

Sidney Williams

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

The Show Must Go On


Documentary / USA / 17 Minutes


At the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic and in the midst of a PPE crisis, Broadway’s resilient community comes together to create the infrastructure to supply frontline medical workers with desperately needed hospital gowns.


Director: Paul Grant

Producers: Nathan Crane Cohen, Paul Grant, Jeff Whiting

Writer: Nathan Crane Cohen, Paul Grant, Anthony Romaguera


Cast: Jeff Whiting, Robin McGee, Christian Duran

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

The Suicide of Lillian Sellers

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 11.34.40 AM.png

Thriller / USA / 16 min.


After the unexpected suicide of his cousin, a man investigates the mysterious circumstances.



Director: RD Womack II

Producers: Amber Gould, Radhika Womack, RD Womack II

Writer: RD Womack II


Cast: Angela Nordeng, Brian Maierhofer

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

The Vow


Drama / USA / 19 min.


A young woman trapped in a cross-cultural contract marriage devises the ultimate plan of escape.


Director: Charles Sweeney

Producers: Charles Sweeney, Jessica Moore

Writer: Charles Sweeney


Cast: Lan Zhong, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Christopher Linares


2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Thoughts and Prayers

Little Boy looking sadly at Little Girl 1920 X 1080 300dpi 9.2.png

Satire / USA / 4 min.


On a routine day, three characters head to their fates. Shots will be fired, lives will be lost. Yawn.


Director: Lisa Gold

Producers: Meghan Anne Smith, Mike Colon, Phil Fischer

Writer: Terry Rossio


Cast: Jeff DeCrosta, Tatiana Steensma, Jared Lotz

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Trouble on High

Trouble on high

Comedy/ USA / 5 min 19 sec


An Elite cyber crime team in the NYPD pursues a dangerous hacker.


Director: Steve Rahaman

Producers: Christine Bruno and Daniel O’Shea

Writer: Tommy McInnis


Cast: Christine Bruno, Daniel O’Shea, Victoria Scott & Sofiya Cheyenne


Trouble on high

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

*Little Star-Still 002.png

Throughout Tommy’s life, the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” has undergone many changes that mirror his journey through the different stages of his life.


2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Two Weeks Notice

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 12.58.20 PM.png

Comedy / USA / 9 min.


A man gives his girlfriend two weeks notice before ending their relationship.


Director: Melanie Thompson

Producers: Marisa Hood, Melanie Thompson, Maggie McGovern

Writer: Marisa Hood


Cast: Mickey Schiff, Marisa Hood

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 12.58.20 PM.png


UnspokenStills.01_02_32_01.Still014 (2).tif

Drama / USA / 22 min.


Synopsis: A couple engages a therapist in hopes of salvaging a problematic marriage, but things take an uncertain turn as the session unravels and past secrets emerge.


Director: Richard Zelniker

Producers: Richard Zelniker, Stephen Heleker

Writer: Stephen Alkus


Cast: Michael Beach, Jamie McShane, Jeante Godlock

UnspokenStills.01_02_32_01.Still014 (2).tif

Up All Day


A suicidal vampire named Bob, depressed by his stubborn immortality, meets kindred spirit Serena in a self-help group. Their friendship, based on dark humor and honesty, gives them both the strength to move on.

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Waking Up

Dion Still 4 YT Thumbnail.jpg

After being severely beaten to the brink of death in a street fight, Dorian embarks on a rage fueled retaliation mission to restore his reputation where he quickly discovers his internal battle may just be his biggest fight yet.

Director: Dion Costelloe
Producers: Laura Barbato, Pat Patterson
Writer: Dion Costelloe

Cast: Dion Costelloe, Jeph Cangè, Victoria Ratermanis, Leer Leary


2 Timers Still 2.jpg

We Die Alone

we die alone

Thriller / Drama // USA // 24 min.


A chance encounter dangerously intertwines the lives of three people with differing perspectives on love.


Director: Marc Cartwright

Producers: Marc Cartwright & Baker Chase Powell

Writers: Marc Cartwright & Cassie Keet


Cast: Baker Chase Powell, Ashley Jones, Samantha Boscarino

we die alone



Drama/ UK / 20 mins.


When British Soldier Paul Smith returns home from the war in Afghanistan to his family and friends, he returns home a shadow of the man. Paul, suffering from Mental Health, PTSD, life turns to self-destruction upon his return.


Director: David Crowley

Producers: Kru Lundy & Kirsty Lund

Writer: Kru Lundy


Cast: Kru Lundy, Michaela Longden, Anthony Quinlan, Poppy Lund, Rob Lewis, Jack Willis, Jane Philpott, Kirsty Lund, Keira Lund, Sarah Jane Duncan, Dean Smith, Sophie Hawthorne, Darren Gee,

Jazmin Hudson Owen.

2 Timers Still 2.jpg

Yo Andrea

Yo Andrea Tonya & Mike at Jukebox.jpg

Romantic Comedy / USA / 7 min.


A middle-aged man hatches a plan to win the woman of his dreams.


Director: Brian Russell

Producers:  Brian Russell, Mike Boland, Hannia Gullien, Megan Smith-Harris

Writer: Mike Boland


Cast:  Mike Boland, Tonya Cornelisse

Yo Andrea Tonya & Mike at Jukebox.jpg

Celebrating great independent filmmaking of all genres in both feature and short lengths, the North Hollywood CineFest film festival is an event you won’t want to miss. 


The North Hollywood CineFest film festival takes place every year in the NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles. The event has become known as the premiere event for global independent cinema. A state-of-the-art experience is combined with a vibrant local social scene to create a festival that everyone will enjoy. 

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