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2022 Official Selections

Feature Films

A Beard Grows in Brooklyn


Screening on: Sunday, May 15th - 6:30pm

Comedy / USA / 63 min.


Two Millennial roommates, Johnny and Nolan, attempt to cure their loneliness while navigating an urban dreamscape in this single-take odyssey.


Director: Adam Hagenbuch

Producers: Stephen Tonti, Adam Hagenbuch, Luka Glinsky

Writer: Luka Glinsky


Cast: Luka Glinsky, Stephen Tonti, Madison Micucci, Jeffrey Omura, Rivka "Bekie" Rivera, Alex Spieth, Kelvin Oppong, Steve Bauder, Katya Stepanov, & Devon Perry

Broken Souls

Broken Souls.jpg

Screening on: Sunday, May 15th - 2pm

Drama / Mexico / 98 mins

Julián decides to embark on a journey with no destination, leaving everything behind. Ten years later he returns in search of his past and finds María, the woman who was once his wife, in the company of Santiago, a writer that has given her solace. Julián’s arrival then takes all of their lives down an unexpected path.

Director: Juan Pablo Arroyo Abraham
Producers: Arturo Pimentel, Enrique Chuck, Raúl Méndez, Juan Pablo Arroyo Abraham

Cast: Raúl Méndez, Daniela Zavala, Andrés Montiel,

Arantxa Servín, Valery Sais, Francisco Rubio, Marco Treviño, Patricia Bernal

Me to Play


Screening on: Sunday, May 15th - 12pm

Documentary / USA / 72 minutes


Two actors with debilitating and incurable Parkinson’s disease undertake an act of bravery as their swansong to the decades-long professional lives they’ve led:  putting up an Off-Broadway production of Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece, “Endgame,” the play that makes the case that “there’s nothing funnier than unhappiness.”


Director:  Jim Bernfield

Producer:  Jim Bernfield

Writer:  N/A


Cast:  Dan Moran, John Christopher Jones, Joe Grifasi, Ruth Kreshka, MaryBeth Coudal

Me to Play.jpg

The Bride in the Box

The Bride in the Box.jpg

Screening on: Friday, May 13th - 7pm

Horror / USA / 85 min.


On the coast of Maine, a curious young girl falls under the spell of a terrifying local ghost story.


Director: Doug Bost

Producers: Erica Hampson

Writer: Doug Bost


Cast: Victor Verhaeghe, Acadia Bost, Carolyn Baeumler, Tammy Faye Starlite, Hal Robinson


Woman of the House

Woman of the House.jpg

Screening on: Saturday, May 14th - 5pm

Dramedy / USA / 118 min.


YA novelist, Christine Chandler, surprises her group of friends at her anniversary party: she's filing for divorce and sleeping with the much younger lifeguard. But when her husband goes missing, her friends start to worry and begin to question their loyalty to her and each other. Will she be allowed to enjoy her mid life crisis despite her judgmental friends or does the universe have other plans?


Director: Michelle Salcedo

Producer: Michelle Salcedo

Writer: Michelle Salcedo


Cast: Christine Holt, Kourtney Rutherford, Keith Chandler, Jason Schuler, Matthieu Eveillard, Gui Agustini, Jack & Joseph Farnham

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